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Dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Lockheed Martin Cyber/Electronic Warfare System Moves into Next Phase of Development
Team U.S. Army/Lockheed Martin’s MFEW-AL Phase 1 podded system flies on a surrogate aircraft during risk reduction flight tests at the U.S. Army C5ISR Flight Activity in Lakehurst, New Jersey. (Credit: U.S. Army)
Team U.S. Army/Lockheed Martin’s MFEW-AL Phase 1 podded system flies on a surrogate aircraft during risk reduction flight tests at the U.S. Army C5ISR Flight Activity in Lakehurst, New Jersey. (Credit: U.S. Army)

Annapolis Junction, Maryland, April 29, 2020 – Electromagnetic spectrum and cyber domain capabilities are converging to provide advanced combat weapon systems for warfighters.

In this area, the Consortium Management Group (CMG)/ Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace (C5), on behalf of the U.S. Army, awarded Lockheed Martin [NYSE:LMT] a Project Agreement to move into the second phase of development for the “Air Large” component of its Multi-Function Electronic Warfare (MFEW) family of systems program.

MFEW-AL leverages three years of Lockheed Martin’s internal research and development investment in an open architecture system that can be easily configured for a variety of airborne and ground platforms, such as a wing-mounted pod for Group 4 unmanned aerial systems.

“Our internal research & development programs have resulted in first-of-its-kind converged technologies that are at the forefront of realizing our customers’ urgent need and vision for combined cyber and electronic warfare (EW) capability and dominance,” said Deon Viergutz, vice president of Lockheed Martin’s Spectrum Convergence division. “We have over 40 years of DoD airborne and ground EW product experience, combined with extensive Intelligence Community products and expertise. We used this to create a compelling Cyber/EW product suite for the Army that will continue to evolve to meet the emerging needs of our customers and overcome advances in adversary technologies.”

Lockheed Martin’s partnership with the U.S. Army has resulted in the creation of an MFEW-AL system that provides extensive spectrum convergence capabilities for battlefield commanders.

The MFEW-AL system conforms to the DoD C4ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) open system standards to enable rapid cyber/EW technique development and deployment; interoperability of hardware and software across airborne and ground platforms; prompt insertion of new hardware technology; and significant reduction of total ownership costs.

As a result, MFEW-AL systems will be able to rapidly adapt to a continuously evolving threat that optimizes support for warfighters.

For additional information on Lockheed Martin’s Spectrum Convergence division, visit: lockheedmartin.com/spectrum-convergence.

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