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Space Training, Simulation and Development Facility Opens in Colorado Springs
Pulsar Guardian lets space operators work in sophisticated Multi-Domain environment
Pulsar Center at Lockheed Martin Space in Littleton, Co.
“Wargaming and training have never been as immersive – it’s a game changer”

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co., Sept. 17, 2019 – Pulsar Guardian is a new, state-of-the art facility built by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) in Colorado Springs that lets the Air Force and others simulate, test and train in a multi-domain environment that reflects today’s complex space environment.

For the first time, warfighters can bring in any tool, from any company to simulate, test and train in a realistic synthetic space environment without disrupting real missions. Pulsar Guardian follows the U.S. Air Force Universal Command and Control Interface standard (UCI) and is fully compliant.

“Pulsar Guardian reflects a new way for space operators to evaluate new systems, changes to existing ones, or train on the platforms they use every day,” said Maria Demaree, Lockheed Martin Space vice president and general manager of Mission Solutions. “Wargaming and training have never been as immersive – it’s a game changer.”

Multi-Domain Operations require new, agile spaces that the military can use to integrate, synchronize and simulate battle conditions without interrupting present-day operations. Pulsar Guardian can simulate what an Air-Space-Integration looks like by showing how an unmanned aircraft or fighter jet could interface directly with a satellite and get the right data at the right time to take action. Cyber attacks and mitigations can be tested in a sandboxed, collaborative environment.

Pulsar Guardian is a new class of collaborative space that links into a network of fully-immersive workspaces across Lockheed Martin Space. Pulsar facilities reduce travel time and costs for customers and Lockheed Martin employees through being able to quickly bring subject matter experts and engineers from around the globe into the conversation to quickly diagnose a problem, brainstorm a tough problem in real-time, or make changes to a product on the fly using Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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