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Lockheed Martin C-130J: A Business and Battlefield Success With a Bright Future

Lockheed Martin officials said today at the Paris Air Show, that the company's C-130J Super Hercules, the world's most advanced airlifter, is delivering outstanding performance for operators around the world.

"The new C-130J performed beyond even our expectations during recent real- world operations," said Ross Reynolds, Lockheed Martin C-130J Program vice president. "From reports we have seen from the operators, the C-130J had mission availability rates as high as 99%. Low level nighttime operations, long range re-supply, medivac, whatever the mission, the J delivered."

The U.S. government recently announced a multi-year acquisition program for 60 C-130Js, so the stability and future of this program is strong. Recent milestones include:

   -- The Royal Air Force used the C-130J in combat for the first time
      during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also certified the
      aircraft for 'Parawedge' operations (very low level paratroop
   -- The Italian Air Force conducted air drop testing and set a new
      Italian record for most weight released
   -- The Royal Australian Air Force successfully completed paradrop
   -- The first of three C-130J-30s for the Royal Danish Air Force entered
      flight test
   -- The first of six HC-130Js was delivered U.S. Coast Guard
   -- C-130J-30 austere field landing trials in the Arizona desert were
   -- Load tests of the U.S. Army's family of Stryker armored vehicles were
   -- The first transatlantic flight by a U.S. operator was completed

A total of 179 C-130Js and J-30s are on order, of which 96 have been delivered to date. The capabilities of the C-130J make it a true transformational asset and the aircraft's performance in supporting light, fast and lethal combat operations has resulted in greatly increased interest from customers around the world. Versions of the C-130J are also being marketed for a range of special operation applications.

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