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Sikorsky Innovations Announces 9th Entrepreneurial Challenge Awardees and Launches Entrepreneurial Network
Carbon Fiber Airfoil printed with CF3D technology. Photo Credit: Continuous Composites
Carbon Fiber Airfoil printed with CF3D technology. Photo Credit: Continuous Composites

STRATFORD, Conn., Nov. 11, 2019 – Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company (NYSE: LMT), today announced Continuous Composites as the winner of the 9th Entrepreneurial Challenge. The Entrepreneurial Challenge is led by Sikorsky Innovations and is designed to accelerate innovators and disruptive technology concepts with applications to the aerospace industry.

“This year we received the most first round applications ever,” said Chris Van Buiten, vice president of Sikorsky Innovations. “We are thrilled to continue to work with a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses to explore new technology and concepts.”

Continuous Composites is advancing its Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®) technology in the defense and aerospace sectors for the next generation of composites with deeply embedded functional microstructures.

“This recognition is a great follow-on to our recently announced Joint Development Agreement with Arkema Group (EPA:AKE) as we build the base for future revenue streams and advance our strategic initiatives,” said Tyler Alvardo, CEO of Continuous Composites. “Those initiatives include applying CF3D to print carbon-bonded-carbon composites used in hypersonic applications where both extremely high heat and strength are required. We are continuing to establish strategic partnerships as we move toward the anticipated commercialization of our technology in 2021.”

Sikorsky Innovations also awarded two special recognition awardees: Vita Inclinata and Ubisense. Vita Inclinata is developing an autonomous, unmanned suspended Load Stability System (LSS) for integration into rotary wing suspended load operations. Ubisense has a SmartSpace platform that brings visibility of the physical world to planning management and control systems This is done by creating a real-time digital twin of complex process flows which is built on dynamic tracking of the location, motion and interactions of key assets.

Three companies were also chosen for an honorable mention award: Climacell, Magnetic 3D and Vartega.

Invite to Entrepreneurs
Sikorsky is introducing a new set of focus areas including: low noise aircraft enabling technologies, technologies that enhance human-machine teaming, advanced validation and verification for non-deterministic software and wireless sensor network cyber resilience solutions. These focus areas are part of the newly formed Entrepreneurial Network. Evolving from previous initiatives, the Entrepreneurial Network will continue to enable interactions between Sikorsky and a wide variety of innovators. This process will underline Sikorsky’s commitment to innovative collaboration to meet and exceed our customers needs.

To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Network, visit https://lockheedmartin.com/enetwork.

To learn more about Sikorsky Innovations, visit www.lockheedmartin.com/sikorskyinnovations.

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