Lockheed Martin Introduces Innovative Addition to Defense Message System
New 'Collaborative Messaging Solution' Approved for Fielding

Lockheed Martin has added an innovative capability for the U.S. military's Defense Message System (DMS) that improves functionality, enhances performance and reduces cost.

The added capability, named the Collaborative Messaging Solution (CMS), enhances the Defense Message System (DMS), the Department of Defense's system of record for secure organizational messaging. The enhancements are available to any current DMS user or to any military base, office or deployed unit that requires secure messaging technology. CMS was developed as an addition to the DMS effort that has been worth more than $700M to Lockheed Martin since 1995.

"This new addition to DMS makes secure messaging more manageable and cost- effective than ever," said Brian Ginch, of Lockheed Martin's Enterprise Solutions. "Thousands of users around the world rely on DMS to handle their most critical messages. They can now enjoy that same level of confidence with a whole new set of capabilities -- and at a reduced cost."

Through testing, the Defense Information Systems Agency Product Review Team has approved the CMS as a non-core DMS product for use by Department of Defense and Intelligence Community users.

The addition to DMS can be tailored to the needs of different DMS users, allowing sites to implement only the features that are most beneficial to their mission. For instance, CMS FORTEZZA Gateway is ideal for deployed or tactical sites looking for a lower-cost, low-maintenance alternative to desktop FORTEZZA cards. For those sites where Microsoft products are currently installed, CMS provides a low cost solution that minimizes the investment in new software and hardware, as well as required training.

"We're extremely pleased that CMS is now ready to begin making secure messaging easier and more affordable than ever," said Ginch.

More information on the new CMS, including rates and availability, is available at

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CMS FORTEZZA Gateway: Reduces the number of costly FORTEZZA encryption cards required to send secure e-mail by using the organization's FORTEZZA card at the server rather than individual users' FORTEZZA cards on their individual computers. Users no longer require their own FORTEZZA card. With CMS FORTEZZA Gateway users can log on with their Common Access Card and the system will encrypt the messages at server rather than at each individual PC. CMS FORTEZZA Gateway significantly reduces the number of FORTEZZA cards required for secure e-mail, reducing administration and maintenance costs. CMS FORTEZZA Gateway leverages the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 collaboration platform.

CMS Web Access: Adds a web capability to the DMS, allowing users to access the system from a standard Internet Explorer browser. Users will enjoy the world-class security of DMS with the convenience of a laptop and a web browser. Future enhancements will expand this service to hand-held computers and other mobile PCs that support VOIP/EOIP. CMS Web Access leverages Microsoft Outlook Web Access and utilizes Boldon James' proven technology.

CMS Advanced Services: Adds a robust DMS profile, archive and search capability. Customized profiles automatically flag the messages that are most critical to the organization's mission -- instantly sorting incoming messages and bringing important new information to users' attention. An enhanced archive stores and safeguards volumes of data -- and keeps it easily accessible. A new intelligent search engine instantly scours the message archive to track down the messages more quickly and easily.

SOURCE: Lockheed Martin

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