Team US101 to Deliver Enhanced Capabilities Four Years Ahead of Schedule for Presidential Helicopter Fleet

Team US101 has demonstrated through its risk reduction activities over the past several months that it can deliver enhanced capabilities for the Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program four years ahead of schedule.

"We have a proven, battle-tested aircraft, ready to be the new Oval Office in the Sky," said Stephen D. Ramsey, Lockheed Martin's US101 vice president and general manager. "Our off-the-shelf aircraft allows Team US101 to deliver a product -- not a promise -- compared to the competitor's 'development' program."

United Technologies' Sikorsky Aircraft now admits that it is proposing a "development" program with an entirely new airframe design and engines that have not yet been fully tested.

"Redesigning an airframe and developing new engines introduces significant schedule, cost and technical risk and raises questions about the competitor's ability to deliver helicopters when the White House needs them," Ramsey asserted.

As an example of program requirements already attained, Team US101 demonstrated the final production FAA-certified 2,500 shaft horsepower GE engines on the 101 helicopter in October, Ramsey explained.

In November, Team US101 also successfully demonstrated the Oval Office in the Sky capabilities, including secure and non-secure communications. During this demonstration, all systems operated flawlessly. Other requirements that have been attained years ahead of schedule include navigation, radar and mission planning systems.

Another capability already achieved includes an operational folding tail that facilitates airborne transportation. In contrast, the competitor has not yet developed a folding tail for its aircraft. The 101 helicopter has been successfully loaded, flown and unloaded from the C-17 transport.

The US101's larger cabin also accommodates wider seats and a wider aisle to provide a more productive work environment. And the proven platform meets vibration, stability and acoustic goals as well.

"Our President deserves the safety and security that only a proven helicopter can provide," said Ramsey. "The US101 is mission proven and ready now while our competitor is asking American taxpayers to pay to redesign a commercial helicopter with only a single operational customer into a military helicopter for the Commander-in-Chief."

Team US101 is led by Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego, which serves as the prime contractor and systems integrator for the American-built US101 aircraft, an American variant of AgustaWestland's successful EH101 multimission helicopter. The US101 team collectively brings unmatched rotorcraft expertise and experience to this program: Lockheed Martin (prime contractor and systems integration), AgustaWestland (aircraft design) and Bell Helicopter (aircraft production), while General Electric will supply each helicopter's three CT7-8E engines.

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SOURCE: Lockheed Martin

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