Lockheed Martin, SimiGon Unveil NxTrain(C)
Next-Generation Training and Rehearsal Solution

Lockheed Martin and SimiGon today unveiled NxTrain(C), a next-generation training and rehearsal solution that provides integrated training management and PC delivery capability, during the 2004 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference in Orlando, FL.

"NxTrain supports a dramatic shift in the way people are trained, converging high-fidelity simulation with low-cost deployable platforms, learning management systems, and content management and delivery into a single capability for use in multiple military and commercial training applications," said Dan Crowley, Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support president. "The integrated learning environment provided by NxTrain offers training in a 'blended' format, providing the right training to the right people at the precise point of need."

Lockheed Martin has teamed with SimiGon Ltd. to incorporate SimiGon's patented KnowBook(C)PC-technology into NxTrain, which enables individual or distributed training across a full spectrum of training devices, and offers an integrated Learning Management System on the PC platform.

"Distributed training solutions represent the future of the industry," said Amos Vizer, President and CEO of SimiGon. "Combining technologies, we will offer a truly comprehensive training environment, linking simulation systems in a single, all-in-one environment with simulation, analysis, reporting, mission rehearsal, scheduling and management systems."

NxTrain offers flexible training solutions on laptop and desktop computers across a broad spectrum of training devices and applications. It consists of four separate components that can be used individually, in subsets, or as a complete "system of systems" to provide training solutions for customers. NxTrain's four components are:

-- Training Analysis and Design System, which provides a modeling and simulation service that supports the training system design.

-- Training/Learning Management System, which manages the training environments and the quality of student learning.

-- Training Rehearsal System, which provides an integrated environment for the delivery of training across the full spectrum of available training devices. The TRS provides individuals and teams a robust and flexible learning environment.

-- Logistic Support System, which integrates logistics support, while providing interactive data into the training environment.

"NxTrain allows you to enter the characteristics of specific training requirements and design an effective and efficient training environment," explained Paula O'Shea, Lockheed Martin's NxTrain program manager. "The component baseline and its flexible design allows NxTrain to be used for any type of training and rehearsal. This includes ground, flight, maritime, space, and maintenance training."

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