Lockheed Martin Delivers Reliable and Cost-Effective Net-Centric Communications to Iraq
Team Delivers Secure Bandwidth-on-Demand Capabilities to Warfighters

Lockheed Martin announced today that it has completed installation of the Coalition Multinational Network (CMN). This is a new network-centric satellite communications system for Coalition Forces in Iraq.

Developed for U.S. Central Command, the CMN provides satellite-based, bandwidth on-demand services, with high quality voice capabilities and secure broadband data communications for coalition military forces. The system is developed under the U.S. Army's Rapid Response Program contract awarded last year.

The CMN system uniquely integrates advanced commercially-available satellite communication technology and reduces satellite usage by dynamically expanding and contracting bandwidth, based on the user's instantaneous need. This innovative technology approach reduces satellite leasing requirements by approximately 60 percent, over current conventional technology being utilized today.

"This architecture represents a significant net-centric solution for forward-deployed users, providing access to the Global Information Grid (GIG). The use of bandwidth-on-demand technology and network management capabilities significantly reduces recurring costs for both satellite time, and operation and maintenance services," said Richard Skinner, Lockheed Martin vice president for Transformational Communications. "It will also provide superior service quality, by extending GIG access to remote locations in a consistent, flexible and easy-to-operate infrastructure."

Coalition users at division, brigade and battalion levels will now have high-speed access to the enterprise servers, databases and numerous applications, including e-mail, file transfer protocol download, online meeting forums, whiteboard collaboration and instant messaging. This service is also well suited for streaming audio and video applications.

The advanced technology utilized in CMN permits direct terminal-to- terminal connectivity using only a single satellite hop, reducing satellite delay by 50 percent. This yields significant improvements in voice quality and secure call reliability for users.

"This system will enhance theater network capabilities and services, providing a stable, cost-efficient, interoperable and sustainable communications system for the deployed forces," added John Mengucci, Lockheed Martin general manager and vice president for Department of Defense (DoD) Systems. "CMN is a link to the future and will be a critical precursor to the next generation transformation communications systems."

Implementation of the CMN is part of the Army's Kuwait Iraq C4 Commercialization (KICC), which is providing enduring communications infrastructure for U.S. and Coalition forces.

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SOURCE: Lockheed Martin

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