Lockheed Martin F/A-22 Program Focused on Reliable Production, Solid Performance and Expanding Capabilities Delivering Air Dominance to the U.S. Air Force

Lockheed Martin's Deputy Vice President for Business Development Rob Weiss said yesterday that the Lockheed Martin-led Raptor industry team has reached a new level of program maturity with reliable production, solid performance and expanding capabilities.

Speaking to reporters at the 2004 Air Force Association National Conference, Weiss said the F/A-22 program is healthy, solid and on track. He added that significant advances in production have been made over the past year, and aircraft committed for delivery in 2004 are completing production build according to schedule.

"We are delivering high-quality aircraft faster than ever before, meeting our 2004 commitment to the Air Force, and we have begun the initial stages of Raptor modernization," Weiss said. "We are excited that the Air Force's operational testing is nearing completion and look forward to a full-rate production decision."

F/A-22 modernization is a robust, long-term plan to inject emerging technologies and expand capabilities.

Weiss pointed out that the F/A-22's performance is exceeding requirements in key areas such as stealth, speed, agility and sensor systems performance at Edwards, Nellis and Tyndall Air Force bases, routinely demonstrating the Raptor's transformational war fighting capabilities.

The Air Force began F/A-22 Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) in late April 2004, and all indications are that IOT&E is proceeding well, although it is not expected to be complete until later this year. According to the Air Force, all scenarios scheduled to be flown are complete.

"In addition to evaluating data gathered during flight scenarios, the Air Force will use modeling and simulation tools to simulate flying operations and maintenance. The Air Combat Simulator in Marietta, Georgia, is being used for the Modeling and Simulation portion of IOT&E," Weiss said.

"The F/A-22 program is concluding development, ramping up for full-rate production and delivering superior jets to the Air Force," he said. "All the while we are working closely with the Air Combat Command to craft a prudent modernization 'flight plan' that will keep the Raptor on the cutting edge of survivability and lethality for decades to come."

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