Aegis Weapon System Delivers Aboard U.S. Navy Destroyer James E. Williams

The seventh generation of the Lockheed Martin -developed Aegis Weapon System successfully completed an extensive battery of testing in a single two-day at- sea period aboard the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer James E. Williams (DDG- 95).

Based on the outstanding performance of the Aegis Weapon System during sea trials on preceding new construction destroyers, the Navy condensed the testing into one sea trial period instead of three separate underway periods - a change that reflects confidence in Aegis performance, and saves time and money.

During the July 13-14 trials, Navy and Lockheed Martin engineers assessed the performance of the Aegis Weapon System in a live, at-sea environment. The tests included two successful Standard Missile-2 firings and gun exercises. With its two successful missile firings, this latest generation of Aegis now has a total of eight successful missile engagements in eight attempts recorded during sea trials.

"The success of this combined sea trial further confirms the unsurpassed capability of the Aegis Weapon System," said Orlando Carvalho, vice president of Lockheed Martin's Maritime Systems & Sensors Surface Systems line of business. "Aegis continues to evolve to meet all threats, and provides Sailors a weapon system with a reputation for working all the time, every time."

Another integral part of this upgraded system is the ship's AN/SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare System, which also incorporates Lockheed Martin's Remote Minehunting System (RMS). RMS provides the first organic - and over-the- horizon - network-capable solution for mine detection and avoidance in littoral regions.

The Aegis Weapon System includes the SPY-1 radar, the Navy's most advanced computer-controlled radar system. When paired with the MK 41 VLS, it is capable of delivering missiles for every mission and threat environment in naval warfare. The system can simultaneously track hundreds of targets while defending against multiple incoming aircraft, missiles, submarines, torpedoes and attacking ships, and automatically implement defenses to protect the fleet. Aegis is capable of countering the existing and emerging threats to a naval battle group, as well as striking inland targets.

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