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Team US101 Selects More Than 200 Companies Across 41 States To Support Presidential Helicopter Program
100 jobs planned for facility at Patuxent River, MD

Team US101 today announced it has selected more than 200 companies in 41 states to supply components and systems for the US101 helicopter, the next-generation aircraft competing to fly the president of the United States.

Executives also announced Team US101 will create up to 100 jobs at a facility in Patuxent River, MD to support the U.S. Navy customer.

"Collectively, Team US101 and its industrial partners will create and maintain thousands of technical and manufacturing jobs in the United States," said Stephen D. Ramsey, Lockheed Martin's US101 vice president and general manager. "Particularly significant is that we will import jobs by building, integrating and maintaining in the United States a helicopter that currently is manufactured abroad."

The announcements were made following the Team US101 conference where supplier companies from across the country assembled to learn more about the program and the helicopter system that will provide the office of the president with a 21st century "office in the sky" capability. The event was held March 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

"The majority of team members are small and medium-sized companies," said Ramsey. "Each company represents the best qualified and most experienced across America to ensure a low risk approach. The US101 is the best helicopter for the president of the United States at this time of increased threat because it is safer, combat proven and has nearly 50,000 hours of flight operations. The president deserves the best helicopter in the world -- made right here in America by Americans."

Ramsey said the 100 jobs planned for the Patuxent River office is an example of the national economic benefit by which Team US101 and its network of team supplier companies will create and sustain thousands of high-tech and manufacturing jobs across the country, bolstering the economies in at least 41 states.

"Our Patuxent River office is key to forming an integrated product team with the Naval Air Systems Command," said Ramsey. "We will partner with NAVAIR working side by side to ensure a successful program."

Team members will supply a range of manufacturing and engineering services, from metal fabrication to lighting systems, control panels and displays, antennas and mechanical assemblies, furnishings and complex systems that will allow the president to carry out the full duties of office while in flight.

Lockheed Martin leads Team US101 as prime contractor and systems integrator. Principal subcontractor AgustaWestlandBell, a joint venture between AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter Textron, will manufacture the aircraft in Texas. Electronic systems will be installed by Lockheed Martin Systems Integration in Owego, NY. U.S. Government contract awards for the US101 helicopter will create and sustain hundreds of jobs in upstate New York and Texas.

Team US101 comprising Lockheed Martin, AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter Textron was formed to develop an American variant of AgustaWestland's successful EH101 multimission helicopter for the U.S. marketplace. Opportunities include a new Marine One fleet to fly the president of the United States, and combat search and rescue aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. Team US101 collectively brings unmatched rotorcraft expertise and experience: Lockheed Martin (prime contractor and systems integration), AgustaWestlandBell (aircraft design and airframe assembly).

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SOURCE: Lockheed Martin

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