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Lockheed Martin Highlights C-27J Spartan Airlifter at U.S. Army Symposium

Lockheed Martin highlighted its C-27J Spartan airlifter at a press briefing held today during the Association of the United States Army Winter Symposium here. The C-27J is designed to meet current and future airlift needs of both the U.S. Army and the Army National Guard, and will bring new capabilities to the Army's Joint Force Commanders.

"The C-27J Spartan is the perfect asset to meet the emerging airlift capability requirement within the Army," said Stan Yackel, Lockheed Martin's C-27J program director. "This aircraft has unmatched capability when compared to the requirement, especially compared with the service's current airlifter, the C-23B Sherpa, which is a converted commuter airliner. Customer interest in the C-27J is very high, particularly after last year's demonstration tour at a number of Army bases across the United States."

The C-27J Spartan is the only aircraft specifically designed as a military transport in its class. With a 25,000 pound payload capacity, it is completely interoperable with both U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force aviation assets. It has a similar loading system and uses the same standard 463L pallets. The C-27J has a high degree of commonality with the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules and uses a similar engine and avionics suite. Its large cargo compartment can be used to carry a variety of military equipment such as two HMMWVs or the vehicles used by Army National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams without disassembly. It can also carry field artillery pieces, aircraft and helicopter engines and blades, and other heavy or bulky equipment. The C-27J, with its twin side doors, can also be used to transport up to 62 passengers or 34 fully equipped paratroopers.

The C-27J Spartan's floor strength is stronger than a C-130's, making it able to carry dense cargo such as ammunition, fuel and water. The aircraft, with an ability to operate at sustained 3g maneuvers, also has extreme short field performance and can be operated from unimproved airfields. The C-27J's multi-mission flexibility includes airdrop, paradrop, Medevac, firefighting, special missions and search and rescue. The advanced cockpit, which is fully night vision goggle compatible, and avionics allow day/night operations in all weather conditions and for independent operations. The C-27J is operated by a crew of three -- two pilots and one loadmaster -- and is self-deployable.


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