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US101 Team Selects GE Aircraft Engines to Power US101 Helicopter for Marine One

The US101 Team competing to provide the president of the United States with a new Marine One helicopter fleet has selected GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) to supply the power plant for the three-engine US101 medium-lift aircraft.

GEAE will provide American-made CT7-8E engines for the US101 helicopter. At more than 2,500 shaft horsepower, the CT7-8E is a member of the newest and most powerful derivative of GEAE's successful T700/CT7 family of helicopter engines.

"Adding the T700/CT7 engine family, which has more than 50 million operating hours, to a helicopter platform that already has more than 45,000 flight hours ensures the president a modern air vehicle of unmatched maturity," said Stephen D. Ramsey, Lockheed Martin's US101 vice president and general manager. "GE's exceptional engine safety record coupled with the US101 platform's three-engine configuration provides the Marine One squadron optimal reliability and low risk in a helicopter system to serve the office of the president."

GEAE also brings to the US101 Team extensive experience with the Marine One helicopter fleet. The company's T58 engine has powered presidential helicopters since the Kennedy administration. "Our choice of GE will ensure continuity and commonality with existing logistics, maintenance, support equipment and security procedures in support of the Marine One fleet," said Ramsey. "As a result, GE's participation further reduces risk and support costs to ensure high aircraft reliability."

"GEAE is proud to be a part of the US101 Team," said Russell F. Sparks, vice president and general manager of GEAE's Military Engines Operation. "GE engines have been powering Marine One helicopters since 1962. We look forward to continuing our association with this most prestigious helicopter program to ensure optimal fleet availability."

Recognized for the highest reliability and performance of any engine in its class, CT7/T700 engines power 27 types of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft with more than 130 customers in more than 50 countries. The T700/CT7 engine family currently powers the EH101 platform, a variant of the US101, flown by the governments of Canada and Italy, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Other variants of the engine family have been proven in the harshest of environments, including Operation Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.

The US101 Team comprising Lockheed Martin, AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter Textron was formed to develop an American variant of AgustaWestland's successful EH101 multimission helicopter for the U.S. marketplace. Opportunities include a new Marine One fleet to fly the president of the United States and combat search and rescue aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. The US101 Team collectively brings unmatched rotorcraft expertise and experience: Lockheed Martin (prime contractor and systems integration), AgustaWestland (aircraft design) and Bell Helicopter (airframe assembly).

General Electric Company is a $132 billion company, with 315,000 employees worldwide, and over 180,000 employees in the United States. GEAE has 25,500 employees worldwide, and is firmly established as a world leader in the helicopter engine market. The division has a long history serving the presidential fleet, and has provided engines on the Marine One VH-3D and VH- 60N helicopters, as well as the Air Force One (VC-25A).

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