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Latvia Accepts Lockheed Martin Radar for BALTNET Air Surveillance Program

The Latvian Ministry of Defense recently took formal possession of a Lockheed Martin long-range radar system, the first air surveillance system in the country.

The TPS-117 radar system, contracted for $13 million in 2001, will expand the range of BALTNET, the joint air surveillance network that monitors the airspace over and around the Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Under a separate contract, Lockheed Martin provided a TPS-117 radar system in April to Estonia. The radars provide the Baltic States air surveillance capabilities that support their entry into NATO, consistent with invitations extended in 2002.

"This TPS-117 fills an important space in BALTNET and gives Latvia the air surveillance capability that every country needs in today's global security environment," said Greg Larioni, Lockheed Martin's director for ground-based radar.

The TPS-117 is designed for transportability and frequent redeployment. Upon arrival at a site, an eight-person team can set up and begin operating the system in about 60 minutes. The antenna and electronics shelter can be transported on two trucks, or in two C-130 aircraft. The TPS-117 shares 90 percent commonality with the larger AN/FPS-117, which is deployed in 20 countries, making it the most-widely-used long-range radar system in the world.

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