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Lockheed Martin Donates Fire Engine and Ambulance to La Paz, Mexico Fire Department
  'Los Bomberos of Northern California' Transporting Vehicles to Mexico

  Event:     Acting Fire Chief Dale Foster and representatives of Los
             Bomberos of Northern California will welcome Fire Chief Raul
             Sanchez of La Paz, Mexico who will be in San Jose to accept the
             donation of a critically needed fire engine and ambulance from
             Lockheed Martin Space Systems.

  When:      10:00 a.m. Monday
             November 10, 2003

  Where:     San Jose Fire Department Training Center
             255 South Montgomery Street (at Park Ave)

  Who:       Dale Foster, Acting San Jose Fire Chief
             Raul Sanchez, La Paz Fire Chief
             Art Dutra, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Director of
             Manufacturing for Strategic Missile Programs
             Alberto Olmos, President of Los Bomberos of Northern California
             Enrique Carruth and Rudy Cabigas, Los Bomberos of Northern

Background: Los Bomberos of Northern California helps fire departments in Mexico by facilitating the donation of surplus fire engines and ambulance vehicles from agencies all over Northern California. Los Bomberos President, and San Jose Fire Captain Alberto Olmos; San Jose Fire Captain Rudy Cabigas, and Fire Inspector Enrique Carruth along with other Bomberos have worked with Lockheed Martin to make this donation possible for La Paz, Mexico, which has been devastated by hurricanes and has an urgent need for these emergency vehicles.

  Two emergency vehicles donated by Lockheed Martin include:
  --    Fire Engine SC687, a 1976 Car-Mar Conventional Class A pumper with a
        1,000 gallon water tank that was stationed at Lockheed's Santa Cruz
        facility and provided fire protection for campus operations and
        testing as well as the surrounding Empire Grade Road area.  This
        fire engine has been retired with only 17,476 miles on its odometer
  --    Ambulance SC682, a 1975 Chevrolet Ambulance which served Lockheed's
        Burbank facility until being transferred to Santa Cruz in 1977.  The
        ambulance has been well cared for and has only 27,072 miles on the

"This cooperative effort between public and private partnerships goes a long way to serving the community of LaPaz, Mexico," says Chief Dale Foster. "Many Californians travel to Mexico along the highways of Baja, California, and it's comforting to know that we have been able to help equip fire departments to meet the needs of their people and of travelers in case of emergencies."

  Media Contacts: Lockheed Martin -- Jeff Richmond, +1-408-742-7532; e-mail,
                  San Jose FD -- Captain Allison Cabral, +1-408-277-8784;
                  e-mail, allison.cabral@sanjoseca.gov

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