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Lockheed Martin-Developed Aegis Weapon System Demonstrates Enhanced Capabilities in Sea Trials

The seventh generation of the Lockheed Martin-developed Aegis Weapon System successfully completed extensive testing during two sea trials recently onboard the Navy's newest Aegis-equipped Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Pinckney (DDG 91). During these trials, critical data was collected to assess the performance of the Aegis Weapon System, including its new SPY-1D(V) radar, in a live, at-sea environment. The tests included radar tracking, Standard Missile-2 firing and gun firing exercises.

"These tests confirm the tremendous capability of the seventh generation of Aegis," said Fred P. Moosally, president of Lockheed Martin's Maritime Systems & Sensors unit. "By working side-by-side with our Navy customer and the shipbuilder, we are providing the crew of Pinckney with unmatched capability along with the benefits of a totally COTS-based computing environment."

The SPY-1D(V) radar system is part of the seventh generation of the Aegis Weapon System. The new radar adds the capability to operate more effectively in littoral environments with automatic adaptive radar mode control as well as a more sophisticated ability to defeat electronic countermeasures.

Another integral part of this upgraded system is the ship's AN/SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare System, which also incorporates Lockheed Martin's Remote Minehunting System. This further enhances the ship's multi-mission role by providing an organic mine reconnaissance capability to carrier and expeditionary strike groups and increased synergy among major warfighting components on the ship.

The latest system upgrade also contains the first complete commercial-off- the-shelf (COTS) Aegis advanced processing computing architecture. The transition to a complete COTS computing environment increases the systems' capability and is a major step toward an open architecture, which eases introduction of future computing features and upgrades.

When paired with the MK41 Vertical Launching System and the AN/SQQ-89, the Aegis Combat System is capable of delivering ordnance in support of numerous missions and threat environments in naval warfare. The system is currently deployed on 66 U.S. Navy Aegis-equipped ships on station around the globe, and 23 more ships are planned. Aegis is the primary naval weapon system for Japan, and is part of two European ship construction programs - the Spanish F-100 and the Norwegian New Frigate. Additionally, the Republic of Korea recently selected Aegis for its newest class of destroyers.

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