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Lockheed Martin UK Awarded Contract For New British Army Battlegroup Command And Control Trainer

Lockheed Martin UK Ltd.- Information Systems has been awarded a contract by the Defence Procurement Agency to provide the new British Army Battlegroup Command and Control Trainer (BC2T). Overall, the program is valued at approximately 10 million pounds sterling.

Lockheed Martin's CORE-t (Command Operational Readiness Trainer) solution will provide a flexible training environment for the Unit Level Two Battalion/Battlegroup (BG) commander to train sub-unit commanders and staff in both the planning process and the command and control aspects of executing a plan.

Additionally, CORE-t provides training within a combined-arms, synthetic environment in order to improve collective/team performance and thereafter sustain a higher level of readiness. This constructive training tool uses computer-generated forces that operate in appropriate doctrines and behaviors to provide tactical decision situations. Higher- and lower-echelon commanders use the system to train with commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and operating systems at PC-based role-player workstations. Support capabilities in the training scenarios include air defense, artillery, combat engineering and close air support.

"CORE-t technology allows warfighters to train as they fight," said Graham McIntyre, managing director of Lockheed Martin UK Ltd. - Information Systems, located in Hertford. "This technology enables commanders and staff to develop battle plans and subsequently execute these plans within a synthetic environment. Training occurs within the high-tempo maneuvers environment that forms current military doctrine."

The initial contract will include the system development, installation and test for both fixed location systems and mobile versions. In addition, Lockheed Martin will also be responsible for the training, manuals, support documentation and contractor logistic support for the systems. The CORE-t system will be installed at various regimental locations and also at the Land Warfare center located in Warminster. With options, contractor logistics support could be extended over 15 years. The system could be expanded to include more than 50 units over the life of the program.

Lockheed Martin is a leader in the design, development, installation, operation and integration of training and simulation systems for global defense markets. Capabilities in the Lockheed Martin training portfolio span the training continuum of live, virtual and constructive domains for flight, naval and ground systems applications. Lockheed Martin focuses on providing total training solutions by integrating the best products and services available ranging from high-fidelity virtual simulators to modern wargaming models to full-service schoolhouse operations.

Lockheed Martin UK, a unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation , is a leader in systems integration working on major programs spanning the aerospace, defense, civil and commercial sectors with significant capabilities in the transport infrastructure market. In the UK, Lockheed Martin has annual sales in the range of 400-600 million pounds sterling working with more than 75 business partners. Lockheed Martin employs approximately 1,000 people at over 10 UK facilities including London, Havant, Southampton, Yeovil, Swindon, Hertford, Bristol and Cornwall.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin employs about 125,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services.

SOURCE: Lockheed Martin Information Systems

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