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The following is a statement by Lockheed Martin regarding the Space Shuttle Colombia Accident Investigation Board report:

On February 1, 2003, our nation suffered the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and seven brave astronauts. The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) was created to help all Americans understand the complex circumstances which led to this tragedy and provide recommendations for corrective actions. Lockheed Martin worked closely with the CAIB and its NASA support teams as they investigated the causes of the accident.

After months of intense investigation, the CAIB has found that the Columbia accident was brought about by a series of factors, some of which relate to Lockheed Martin's role on the space shuttle program and on the loss of the Columbia and its crew. That Lockheed Martin had any role in this tragedy only adds to the pain we already felt.

We commend the CAIB for its exhaustive and thorough effort. Although we have not yet had the opportunity to review the report, we will quickly move forward to fully understand the problems identified by the CAIB. This will allow us, along with our NASA customer, to institute corrective measures that will help ensure our expeditious and safe return to manned space flight. Despite this nation's record of safety and success, we are reminded that human space flight carries with it inherent risks associated with highly complex technology. Our mission at Lockheed Martin is to assure the success of space flight despite these risks.

Families of the Columbia astronauts say that the crew would want the Shuttle program to continue and move forward. The dedicated men and women of Lockheed Martin agree, and we pledge our determined efforts to meet the challenges of space exploration. We are focused each and every day on how we can contribute and ensure a safe return to flight.

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