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JSAT Corporation Awards Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems Contract For Powerful A2100 Satellite

Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS) has been awarded a contract by JSAT Corporation of Japan to build its latest geostationary telecommunications satellite. The satellite, designated JCSAT-9, will provide satellite communications services throughout Asia and Japan following its scheduled launch in 2005.

JCSAT-9, a high-power hybrid satellite, will be located at 132 degrees East longitude. The spacecraft will be based on the award winning A2100AX platform, manufactured by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, Newtown, Pa. with a minimum service life of 12 years.

"We are truly honored to be selected to build JCSAT-9 in this global competition," said Ted Gavrilis, president, Commercial Space Systems. "The award demonstrates the competitive success achieved through our initiative to create a more efficient business infrastructure, combined with the A2100's consistent record of performance and dependability. We are absolutely dedicated to producing a reliable, high-performance spacecraft, on schedule, and achieving mission success for JSAT."

The A2100 geostationary spacecraft is designed to meet a wide variety of telecommunications needs ranging from high-power Ka, Ku and C-band fixed satellite and direct broadcast services to high power mobile satellite services using the L- and S-band frequency spectrum. The heritage A2100's modular design features flight-proven equipment, thus simplifying construction, shortening delivery schedule, and increasing on-orbit reliability.

In recognition of the A2100's reliability, Lockheed Martin recently received an award for "Product of the Year," by Frost & Sullivan. Calling it "the most reliable and efficient of its class," Frost & Sullivan recognized the LMCSS-built A2100 satellite platform for its "outstanding on-orbit reliability record since it was first offered in 1996."

About JSAT

JSAT is the leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region. The company owns and operates eight satellites in seven orbital slots. JSAT provides satellite communications and broadcasting services that offer a range of unique features that are well suited to support high-volume, wide-distribution, high-speed networks. Implementing its corporate slogan, "JSAT, Expanding Horizons," the company is actively expanding its business throughout the Pacific region. JSAT is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For more information on JSAT, visit the company's web site at www.jsat.net.

About Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems

Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems markets, designs and builds geostationary and non-geostationary telecommunications and remote sensing satellites for customers worldwide.

LMCSS is an operating unit of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, one of the core business areas of the Lockheed Martin Corporation . Lockheed Martin has a 41-year heritage of building reliable spacecraft for commercial and military customers, having launched more than 875 spacecraft and clocking over 1,500 years of successful in-orbit operation.

For more information about Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, see our web site at http://www.lmcommercialspace.com/

CONTACT: Steve Tatum of Lockheed Martin, +1-408-742-7531, or Pager, +1-888-926-2912, or stephen.o.tatum@lmco.com.

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CONTACT: Steve Tatum of Lockheed Martin, +1-408-742-7531, or
Pager, +1-888-926-2912, or stephen.o.tatum@lmco.com