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CC-130J Super Hercules Completes U.S. Air Force Austere Field Landing Tests

The U.S. Air Force has given the CC-130J, the extended fuselage version of the Lockheed Martin C-130J airlifter, high marks for austere field takeoff and landing operations. The recently completed trials, held in Yuma, Ariz., were the latest in a series of CC-130J developmental military utility tests before U.S. Air Force-led operational testing and evaluation begins in 2003.

The CC-130J is manufactured by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co., a business area of Lockheed Martin Corp. .

"The CC-130J's ability to take off and land on very short austere runways is a unique capability," said Ross Reynolds, C-130J program vice president. "The Super Hercules, with its greatly increased range and speed, is going to revolutionize theater transport operations both strategically and tactically. The CC-130J will also be able to deploy new systems, such as the Army's Stryker, over greater distances into areas unreachable by other aircraft."

The CC-130J trials included the first dirt landing by a U.S. Air Force crew. The shorter C-130J completed the austere field trials three years ago.

The Yuma trials were conducted at Tyson Airfield, a dirt landing strip at the military's Yuma Proving Grounds that was selected for its environmental representation of possible war zone landing conditions. The crew landed the aircraft at a weight of 135,000 pounds in less than 2,000 feet. At the completion of the dirt landing trials, U.S. Air Force crews praised the aircraft's handling qualities and performance when operating from rough fields, a mode of operation expected to be commonplace in future C-130J operations.

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