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'Desert Pivot' Exercise Series Wins DoD Modeling And Simulation Award
Theater Aerospace Command And Control Simulation Facility Also Honored By The U.S. Air Force

The Department of Defense recently selected the U.S. Air Force's Theater Aerospace Command and Control Simulation Facility as winner in the training category of the fourth annual Modeling and Simulation Awards. Lockheed Martin Information Systems is the prime contractor for the Facility.

The Theater Aerospace Command and Control Simulation Facility was recognized for its role in Desert Pivot, the first Department of Defense recurring, multi-service simulation training event that provides live, constructive and virtual training in a highly realistic, weeklong exercise. Lockheed Martin Information Systems, a unit of Lockheed Martin Training, provided developmental and operational support for the recent Desert Pivot series of exercises in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"Our customers' readiness is our business and we are proud to share in this prestigious award," said Lockheed Martin Information Systems President John Hallal. "We partner with our customers to jointly develop innovative training applications of constructive and virtual simulations that prepare the warfighter for the time when reaction must be automatic."

Over 80 nominations were received for the Modeling and Simulation Awards. The awards recognize achievement during the year 2001 in support of the Department of Defense's modeling and simulation objectives. Winners were selected in four categories, the first three consisting of modeling and simulation functional areas: training, analysis and acquisition. The fourth category, a cross-functional area, considered endeavors that impact all aspects of the overall Department of Defense modeling and simulation effort.

The unique training environment offered by Desert Pivot allows crews to fully interact with other command, control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C2ISR) and shooter platforms. Desert Pivot's challenging scenarios facilitate strengthening individual, team and inter-team skills through the use of increasingly difficult training blocks. Crews are immersed in a robust and dynamic shared-simulation environment.

The exercise also represented the U.S. Air Force's first "Virtual Flag," the simulation world's Red Flag equivalent. The training was carried out at the operational and tactical levels of war. Desert Pivot also was recently selected as the U.S. Air Force's best simulation and training program for 2001.

The Theater Aerospace Command and Control Simulation Facility is the Department of Defense's largest man-in-the-loop command and control simulation facility in operation, using virtual, constructive and live simulations to provide training, testing and experimentation for tactical level command and control assets. High-fidelity models of AWACS, JSTARS, CobraBall, F-15s, and other command and control assets are networked with numerous sites across the country to create one of the most sophisticated and realistic virtual battlespaces for command and control training.

Lockheed Martin Training, the global leader in military training products and services, has provided operations and maintenance, development, and studies and analysis support as the prime Theater Aerospace Command and Control Simulation Facility contractor for the past 11 years and was recently selected to continue that role for an additional five years. Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a global enterprise with core businesses in systems integration, space, aeronautics, and technology services.

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