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Lockheed Martin's CC-130J Delivers Solution to Wildfires

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, a business area of Lockheed Martin Corporation , yesterday delivered the first of two new CC-130J aircraft to the 146th Wing of the California Air National Guard (ANG). The ANG will use the ultra-modern transporter to fight wildfires that plague California and the western United States.

When equipped with the Airborne Fire Fighting System (AFFS), a state-of-the-art fire retardant delivery system developed by Aero Union, the CC-130J will provide the ANG with the most advanced airborne firefighting capability in the world today.

"Wildfires are frequent and devastating, especially in California and other fire states," said Ross Reynolds, Vice President C-130J Program. "Lockheed Martin is proud to take an active role in a project that will save millions of dollars in property and, most importantly, save lives."

With a redesigned propulsion system, digital avionics, twin head-up pilot displays and dual mission computers with automated functions, the CC-130J is vastly improved from its predecessors. The sophisticated navigation system allows the aircrew to achieve highly accurate drops.

Developed for the United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service, the AFFS provides a way to fight fire from the air in a safer, more efficient and cost effective manner than current similar systems. The AFFS can deliver up to 4000 gallons of retardant using a wide variety of drop profiles dictated by various fire conditions. A self-contained compressor saves valuable time and money by eliminating the necessity of ground support compressors. Engineering designs also reduce the amount of retardant splashed on the exterior of the plane during aerial drops, which saves time and money previously allocated to cleaning the corrosive retardant from the plane.

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