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Lockheed Martin to Improve Logistics Command and Control Support For Marine Expeditionary Forces

Lockheed Martin has been awarded a two-year, $2.3-million development contract by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for the first phase of a three-phase Ground Logistics Command & Control (GLC2) program to improve logistics command and control support for marine expeditionary forces.

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps must have total situational awareness of landing forces, naval units, support forces, and tie together ship and ground activities. Additionally, they must know the same about enemy forces. The ONR is leading the effort to address critical improvements in expeditionary operational capabilities and doctrine. As part of that effort, logistics command and control needs will be improved through this technology development activity.

This award further strengthens the business relationship between Lockheed Martin and ONR, who last year tasked the systems integrator to develop a logistics war game simulation model. The GLC2 team, comprising two Lockheed Martin business units and three subcontractors under the leadership of Lockheed Martin's Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems unit in Moorestown, New Jersey, was formed to address ONR's Expeditionary Logistics Future Naval Capabilities initiative.

"We're eager to begin the first phase of this critically important program, which is a natural extension of the logistics war game simulations we developed for ONR," noted Jack Irving, Lockheed Martin's vice president of Production and Lifetime Support at the Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems business. "During this contract phase, we will integrate technology concepts that will allow autonomic and anticipatory logistics support, in turn enabling greater effectiveness and survivability for our expeditionary forces, a concept in line with ONR's vision."

In this first phase, Lockheed Martin will build on its existing technologies to develop notional technologies and a set of advanced simulation/modeling tools that will lead to a proof of concept and demonstration at the end of 2002 and 2003. The team looks forward to a phase II award, in which the concept will proceed to full-scale field demonstration with a marine expeditionary unit.

Lockheed Martin NE&SS provides surface ship and submarine weapon systems, antisubmarine warfare and ocean surveillance systems, missile launching systems, radar and sensor systems, ship systems integration services and other advanced systems and services to customers worldwide. NE&SS is a unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. The corporation's principal business areas are aeronautics, space, systems integration and technology services.

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