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Lockheed Martin to Provide Fingerprint ID System For Education Worker and Insurance Agent Applicant Screening in Florida
Digital Fingerprint Scanners to Be Deployed at 67 School District Offices And Insurance License Bureaus Statewide

The Florida Department of Education awarded Lockheed Martin Information Systems a contract worth approximately $8 million to provide an automated fingerprint identification- based applicant processing system for all education and insurance workers throughout the state.

The five-year contract from the Florida Department of Education contains an option for an additional five years. The system is expected to enter service in July 2002 and process the fingerprints of the 250,000 persons who apply for jobs in the Florida education system and insurance industry each year.

"This new innovative approach will provide greater ease and efficiency in processing the background information of those committing themselves to a career in Florida's education system," said Florida Department of Education Commissioner Charlie Crist.

"Florida's selection of Lockheed Martin's fingerprint identification technology will strengthen the background check process for teachers and other school workers who come into contact with children, and for insurance agents and executives," said John Hallal, President of Lockheed Martin Information Systems. "The response time for applicant background checks for education and insurance industry workers will be greatly expedited by the use of our proven digital fingerprint acquisition and communication technologies."

The award builds on Lockheed Martin's experience in automated fingerprint identification technology for customers including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command.

Lockheed Martin's system will scan an applicant's fingerprints digitally and eliminate the use of paper cards and ink. The use of such digital fingerprint data will shorten the application process by providing a fully automated electronic transfer of prints, eliminating the handling and mailing of paper cards. Electronic fingerprint files also eliminate the need to return and remake inked print cards that are of unsuitable quality when reviewed by the FBI. Poor-quality electronically scanned fingerprints are immediately highlighted by the system, allowing operators to rescan the prints immediately.

"The improved technology will not only speed up the application process for agents, it will better shield consumers from would-be agents with criminal records," Florida Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner Tom Gallagher said. "With digital prints, the Department will know if an applicant has a criminal record within five days."

Lockheed Martin Information Systems operates its Information Technology and Identification Solutions business at its Orlando-based headquarters. The company delivered a nation-wide electronic fingerprint identification system to the United States Military Entrance Processing Command in 2001. Across all the corporation's fingerprint enrollment programs, more than half a million applicant enrollments are processed per year.

Lockheed Martin's fingerprint enrollment technology, developed in conjunction with Integrated Biometric Technology, allows customers to conduct efficient and effective fingerprint background checks. The system electronically captures fingerprints and transmits them via a channeling agency to the FBI. The system improves the efficiency of fingerprint background checks by moving the process to an electronic medium. Integrated Biometric Technology currently has joint marketing efforts with Lockheed Martin Information Systems.

Lockheed Martin employs approximately 6,500 employees at facilities in Central Florida.

Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Lockheed Martin is a global enterprise with core businesses in systems integration, space, aeronautics, and technology services.

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