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F-22 Raptor Industry Team Donates 1/10th Scale Aircraft Model to Montgomery, Alabama's Airpower Heritage Exhibit

The Lockheed Martin -led F-22 Raptor industry team today both formally donated, and officially dedicated, a 1/10th scale model of the air dominance fighter jet to the City of Montgomery for display as part of its Airpower Heritage Exhibit.

"The F-22 Raptor team is proud to donate this model, and dedicate it in honor of both the men and women of nearby Maxwell Air Force Base, and Montgomery's large and active Air Force community," Richard Mather, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company F-22 Business Development Manager, said during the dedication ceremony at the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce's Visitor Center. "We thank the City of Montgomery and its Chamber of Commerce for supporting the Airpower Heritage Exhibit and displaying this beautiful model."

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. -- a business unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation -- chose to donate the six foot-long, aerodynamically accurate model to the Airpower Heritage Exhibit as part of the company's ongoing F-22 Raptor "Truth & Consequences" campaign, which is designed to make Americans aware of, and informed about, our country's need for this 21st century front- line fighter aircraft both in adequate numbers and on schedule to meet U.S. Air Force operational requirements.

"The F-22 is the Air Force's future air dominance jet, and it will be used one day to shoot down enemy fighters or bomb critical ground targets," Lockheed Martin's Mather said. "Ultimately, the Raptor is one of America's keys to shortening future wars and saving American lives. That is the promise of this aircraft."

The F-22 model will be temporarily displayed at the Montgomery Area Visitor Center until the Airpower Heritage Exhibit relocates to Maxwell AFB, pending the raising of private funds necessary to construct an appropriate facility capable of housing its growing collection of artifacts.

"We are honored to display this model in the Visitor Center and extend our sincere thanks to the F-22 Industry Team. For us, it is a symbol of technology that our region has helped to create," Lawrence Cole, Jr., Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board remarked. "Our region's involvement will further define and showcase the Montgomery area's continued economic and technological growth to businesses interested in relocating to the area."

Built by Lockheed Martin, in partnership with Boeing, powered by Pratt and Whitney engines, and with the help from approximately 1200 subcontractors and suppliers in 46 states -- including Alabama's own GKN Aerospace in nearby Tallassee, Ala. -- the Raptor will replace the venerable F-15 Eagle starting in 2005.

"The Raptor is a revolutionary air combat aircraft," explained Lockheed Martin's Mather. "Its air dominance capabilities will enable the Pentagon's other air and ground forces to operate with near-impunity. Its first-ever combination of stealth, sustained supersonic speed, advanced integrated avionics and agility make it capable of quickly and decisively achieving victory over any adversary."

GKN Aerospace in Tallassee, Ala., currently supplies more than 40 separate components for the F-22 and its F119 jet engines. Upon full rate production of the Raptor, the Air Force is expected to order at least 36 aircraft per year, boosting the value of GKN Aerospace's Tallassee contracts to approximately $7 million annually. GKN Aerospace forecasts that this production rate will require the Tallassee facility to add at least 50 additional manufacturing jobs.

Statewide, the F-22 program is expected to provide approximately a dozen firms -- most in the Huntsville area -- with contracts worth an additional $75 million during the Raptor's production phase, which is currently expected to wrap up in 2013 with the delivery of 339 aircraft for the U.S. Air Force.

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