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Lockheed Martin Completes C-130J Deliveries for 2001 - Program Continues Outstanding Performance in Reaching Milestones and Demonstrating Capabilities

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company today wrapped up the C-130J transport program for 2001 with the delivery of the 15th and final aircraft of the year. The aircraft, a standard-length C-130J, was flown to the company's Palmdale, Calif., facility where it will undergo conversion to an EC-130J Commando Solo Special Operations aircraft. Once converted, the aircraft will be assigned to the 193rd Special Operations Wing, based at Harrisburg, Pa.

Other deliveries this year include seven KC-130J Tankers for the U.S. Marine Corps, three C-130J-30s for the Air National Guard, which are the first ever extended fuselage length C-130s flown by a U.S. Air Force-gained unit, and four C-130Js for the Italian Air Force.

Other C-130J highlights in 2001 include the release of the Block 5.3 software, which brings the J-model fleet up to full functionality; paratroop and airdrop testing with the C-130J-30; delivery of the last C-130J-30 to Australia; acceptance of the aircraft into service in Australia; and the last of 25 C-130Js to the Royal Air Force.

"This year has seen tremendous strides forward in the C-130J program," said Ross Reynolds, Lockheed Martin's C-130J program vice president. "Our schedules have been aggressive, and our entire team has demonstrated to customers around the world that we can deliver."

Current customers for the C-130J and C-130J-30 include the U.S. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.K. Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Italian Air Force and the Royal Danish Air Force. A total of 84 aircraft have been delivered with another 27 currently on order.

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