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Lockheed Martin: Navy Personnel Data System Passes Operational Evaluation

A new personnel data management program developed by Lockheed Martin Corporation has passed the U.S. Navy's demanding operational test and evaluation process, meeting or exceeding all test objectives and clearing the way for system deployment to some 400 active duty ship and shore units beginning September 24.

The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) application was developed by Lockheed Martin Information Support Services to replace several outdated Navy pay and personnel management processes. Based on a customized version of a commercial PeopleSoft(R) enterprise application, NSIPS consolidates multiple databases and allows streamlined data entry and access by field-level Navy personnel.

A 12-day evaluation beginning April 23 by the service's independent Operational and Test Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR) organization gave Release 0.2, the system's active duty personnel component, a glowing report. The system was found by COMOPTEVFOR to be 99.9 percent accurate, and system availability was scored 99.7 percent. The evaluation also included maintainability testing, screen response time, and security, in which the system met or exceeded all requirements.

Linda Gooden, president of Lockheed Martin Information Support Services, credited "the strong partnership with our Navy customer that led to our overcoming the challenges of this complex program." The NSIPS project represents the largest client-server implementation of the PeopleSoft(R) application.

"When it is fully deployed NSIPS will support the pay and personnel needs of the Navy's more than 500,000 active and reserve members. NSIPS is a system that will provide sailors speedier access to these records with reduced errors and greater efficiency," she said.

The next release of NSIPS, Release 1, will add the remaining component, active duty payroll, and will be ready for testing this fall. The complete NSIPS application is scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of calendar year 2002. About 250 Naval Reserve sites have been using a Reserves version of NSIPS since February 2000. Plans are in place for migrating the entire system to a web-based process in the near future.

The Navy tests were conducted at shore locations in New Orleans; at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center, Ill.; and Naples, Italy. Shipboard tests were conducted on the USS John C. Stennis on the U.S. West Coast and the USS Monterrey on the East Coast.

The NSIPS Program is conducted under the combined functional sponsorship of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations/Chief of Naval Personnel, Director Naval Reserve, Comptroller of the Navy, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

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