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Lockheed Martin CSOC'S Brian Duffy Receives High Honor From NASA

Col. Brian Duffy of Lockheed Martin's Consolidated Space Operations Contract (CSOC) was recently presented with NASA's Distinguished Service Medal by NASA Administrator Dan Goldin in Washington, D.C.

Duffy, who serves as associate program manager for CSOC at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, was cited for his service as commander of the space shuttle for STS-92 and STS-72, and as pilot of the Space Shuttle for STS-57 and STS-45.

"Brian has set a stunning example to us all of what one can achieve through perseverance and a commitment to excellence," said Doug Tighe, program manager for CSOC. "We could not be more fortunate to have him lead our operations at KSC, and under his guidance and direction, we can expect those operations to flourish."

The Distinguished Service Medal is the highest honor that NASA awards to individuals for distinguished service to the nation's space program. In June 2001, Duffy was appointed CSOC's associate program manager at Kennedy Space Center. A former NASA space shuttle astronaut, Air Force colonel and test pilot, Duffy has served as the deputy director (acting) at Johnson Space Center (JSC).

CSOC is a $3-billion-plus contract awarded by NASA to Lockheed Martin, who serves as the prime contractor to provide end-to-end space operations mission and data services to both NASA and non-NASA customers. CSOC manages NASA's data collection, telemetry and communications operations that support Earth- orbiting satellites, planetary exploration, and human space flight activities. Services include data acquisition from spacecraft, data transmission to end- users, data processing and storage, ground and space communications, and mission control center operations.

Lockheed Martin Space Operations, a business unit of Lockheed Martin Technology Services headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is a high-technology company with about 4,000 engineers, scientists and support personnel. Services include data collection, telemetry, and communication operations support for NASA; software and hardware engineering for the space shuttle and International Space Station; mission operations and planning systems design, development, and integration; and human life sciences research.


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