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Lockheed Martin Partners With Compaq on Real Time Enterprise Initiative

Officials of Lockheed Martin, Houston, announced today that they have signed an agreement with Compaq Global Services to support a comprehensive services program focused on delivering the benefits of Compaq's Zero Latency Enterprise technology to customers around the world. Under the plan, Lockheed Martin, Houston, joins Compaq Global Services in providing valuable enabling services to help customers implement a Compaq ZLE solution.

ZLE is a transaction-oriented solution providing a single, integrated view of business and customer transactions as they occur, no matter where they occur in the enterprise, in real time.

"By joining the expertise and global reach of Compaq Global Services with Lockheed Martin's extensive systems integration capabilities, we can provide customers with a complete ZLE solution, giving them real-time visibility into their operations," said Russell Aldrich, Compaq account manager for Lockheed Martin, Houston.

"Compaq is leading the zero latency effort enabling customers to create and deploy real time enterprises," stated Howard Elias, Compaq Senior Vice President and General Manager, Business Critical Server Group. "Compaq's strong global services capability is complemented by partnering with world-class consultants and ISVs. Together we will provide customers with the in-depth experience and integration resources required to implement ZLEs particularly in telecommunications, retail and financial services, our key markets."

Although ZLE is applicable and can benefit many market segments, this solution can be particularly beneficial to users in the telecommunications, retail and financial services markets. In the telecommunications industry, ZLE benefits may include instant response to customer service requests and searches for patterns of fraudulent activity in real-time. In the retail sector, ZLE is redefining the customer relationship model and integrating in real time the many channels by which a customer can buy goods or services. Financial services provider benefits may include real-time account balances and asset values, intra-day borrowing and global asset management.

Lockheed Martin, Houston, is a recognized leader in the design, engineering and management of complex systems, including highly visible projects of national priority. For more than 40 years, the company has developed and maintained a leading edge core competency in systems integration and engineering.

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