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Lockheed Martin Opens New Demonstration Center With System-of-Systems Strike Exercise

Lockheed Martin has a new venue for demonstrating the benefits of increased interoperability among U.S. and allied military systems.

The new center at Lockheed Martin's Crystal City, Va., offices was inaugurated in mid-December with an exercise showcasing an integrated capability to detect and destroy mobile ground targets in a simulated "system of systems" environment. The demonstration was part of Lockheed Martin's initiative to promote technical synergy among key Department of Defense programs.

"Lockheed Martin participates in a large number of DoD programs and it is clear that our customer, though still procuring programs separately, is demanding that the program products interoperate effectively," said Burlie Brunson, corporate vice president for program development. "The time-critical mobile target campaign is a first, proactive step to promote interoperability in realizing tangible benefits for the warfighter. Our new, integrated solutions portal capability in Crystal City will facilitate distributed interoperability demonstrations and product integration."

Brunson said the center also highlights corporate interconnectivity among the Lockheed Martin business areas now supporting the DoD.

Interoperability has become a higher priority in the DoD since shortfalls in this area have been made evident in joint military operations. A common focus in interoperability is achieving "plug and play" through compatibility with military or commercial standards.

Mal O'Neill, corporate vice president and chief technical officer, emphasized the need for interoperability that goes beyond the basics: "Lockheed Martin is addressing interoperability at the compatible processes level, where multiple platforms and systems are informationally integrated to deliver an improved warfighting capability. This level of integration, which Lockheed Martin calls purposeful interoperability, is at the center of the Lockheed Martin integration initiative."

The initial focus on improved mobile target strike brought together Lockheed Martin product models integrated with the government-managed Strike Warfare Collaborative Environment. The operational scenario showed the benefits of integrating next-generation products, such as the Joint Strike Fighter, Advanced Extremely High Frequency Communications Satellite, Advanced Global Positioning System and Space-based Radar Satellite.

David Sundstrom, director of the system of systems and interoperability integrated product team at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, provided further detail: "Our team is set up to support programs in meeting common interoperability needs and to address integrated capabilities at the system- of-systems level. By tackling issues associated with effective time-critical strike, Lockheed Martin is focusing on integrated warfighting capability, purposefully tying sensors, deciders, and shooters together in an effective kill chain."

The system of systems and interoperability initiative is relevant to specific programs, such as the Joint Strike Fighter, where interoperability requirements can be explored and alternatives evaluated in an evolving C4ISR environment. The effort also provides interoperability and systems engineering enablers that can be shared across Lockheed Martin programs. Sharing and re-using simulation and test environments and products can significantly reduce costs.

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