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Lockheed Martin Announces Alliance Partners for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Initiative

The Lockheed Martin team for the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) program today announced that it has formed key alliances with industry partners for communications solutions and services. Joining core team members Lockheed Martin, AT&T and CACI International, Inc. are ARINC, Motorola, Jerry Thompson Associates, SETA, National Aviation Research Institute, Aviation Concepts, Alcatel-Newbridge, Cisco and other domain experts.

Commenting on this industry partnership, Don Antonucci, president of Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management, said, "We firmly believe that we have the right team with the right solution to address the FAA's Telecommunications Infrastructure program. We will propose solutions to benefit all NAS stakeholders and we offer Lockheed Martin's unparalleled record of success in fielding new technology on time and under cost."

FTI will modernize the FAA's telecommunications infrastructure by procuring services for transport, switching, routing, network management and control, and network engineering across operational and administrative domains to incrementally eliminate current FAA practice of managing multiple subnetworks. The FTI will demand comprehensive integration services to provide network management and control products, overall performance data reporting, and enhanced metric data distribution products to users for reduced overall network bandwidth access and costs.

As the leader of the FTI industry partnership, Lockheed Martin would provide program management, architecture and service verification oversight, information security, transition and implementation engineering for centralized network management and information technology. AT&T would provide complete carrier design services for transport, integrated access, network management, integrated business systems, maintenance, and transition engineering. CACI would provide FAA customer care, integrated business systems, and information assurance and network security policy support.

With the addition of the other alliance members announced today, the Lockheed Martin FTI Industry Partners can provide both mission critical operations and mission support telecommunications services using best commercial practices, competitive pricing and a low-risk approach.

  Roles of the partners announced today are:

  - ARINC, supporting aeronautical telecommunications service interfaces;
  - Motorola-Communications System Technologies, supporting air-to-ground
    telecommunications service interfaces;
  - Jerry Thompson Associates, representing NAS stakeholder interests for
    air traffic services and the airways facilities workforce;
  - SETA, for information technology support services;
  - National Aviation Research Institute, representing NAS stakeholder
    interests for air traffic services and NAS operations, including
    evolving air traffic technologies and future concepts of operation;
  - Aviation Concepts, representing NAS stakeholder interests for airline
    operations, commercial and general aviation flight deck operations,
    including evolving air traffic technologies and future concepts of
  - Alcatel-Newbridge, to provide integrated access devices for mission
    critical operations; and
  - Cisco, to provide integrated access devices for mission support data

Leading the FTI industry partners, Lockheed Martin's skills and experience in providing telecommunications, network management, systems integration and information security services range from comprehensive mission critical operations for governmental customers to Information Technology (IT) application and desktop solutions for both government and commercial customers. Joining Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management are other business units of the corporation: Mission Systems and Space Operations.

For four decades, Lockheed Martin has supplied, integrated and maintained the computers, software and communications systems that automate the FAA's terminal area, en route and oceanic domains. Lockheed Martin solutions are marked by a thorough understanding of the air traffic and airways facilities environment and by an ongoing commitment to air traffic safety and security.

A premier voice and data communications company, AT&T provides services to customers worldwide. Backed by the research and development capabilities of AT&T Labs, the company runs the world's largest, most sophisticated communications network and has one of the largest digital wireless networks in North America. The company is a leading supplier of data and Internet services for businesses and offers outsourcing, consulting and networking- integration to large businesses.

CACI is a global leader in information technology, e-Business, and networld solutions. Founded on simulation technology in 1962, the company has evolved a diverse solutions portfolio for today's net economy. From across the technology spectrum, CACI integrates the networks, systems, and software for telecommunications, e-Commerce, information assurance, and all forms of information management.

Together, Lockheed Martin and its FTI industry partners will form a comprehensive, cross-discipline team capable of providing systems in concert with the FAA's NAS 4.0 architecture, with extremely high levels of security, availability and reliability.

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