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2016/09/28 U.S. Air Force Awards Lockheed Martin $395 Million Contract for GPS III Satellites 9 and 10

2015/05/04 Most Advanced GPS Satellite Comes Together: First Lockheed Martin-Built GPS III Ready for System-Level Testing

2014/09/02 Lockheed Martin-Built GPS IIR/IIR-M Satellites Reach 200 Years Of Combined Operational Life

2016/05/19 Lockheed Martin to Demonstrate Future Evolution of its Flexible GPS III Satellite Design for the U.S. Air Force

2016/02/03 Redefining Precision: Thermal Vacuum Test Validates Lockheed Martin's GPS III Satellite Design

2013/11/21 Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite Prototype Proves It Can Successfully Communicate With GPS Satellite Constellation

2013/12/16 U.S. Air Force Awards Lockheed Martin Contract To Complete GPS III Satellites 5 and 6

2013/09/23 Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite Prototype Successfully Integrated with Raytheon OCX Ground Control Segment

2013/07/10 Lockheed Martin GPS III Prototype Validates Test Facilities For Future Flight Satellites

2013/09/12 GPS III And OCX Satellite Launch And Early Orbit Operations Successfully Demonstrated

2013/04/10 Lockheed Martin Team Completes Delta Preliminary Design For Next GPS III Satellite Capabilities

2016/12/12 Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force Move Forward with Ground System Upgrade to Support Contingency GPS III Operations

2017/09/05 Second Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite Successfully Completes Test Simulating Strenuous Launch Environment

2017/10/10 U.S. Air Force Declares First Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite "Available for Launch"

2018/08/27 U.S. Air Force's First Advanced GPS III Satellite Shipped To Cape Canaveral For Launch